Web Design and Economic Sense

Garry Neville
2 min readJun 28, 2021

Have you ever used one of those card-making programs? You know the kind that allows you to type in the occasion and then choose from multiple cards that have been pre designed for you to customize and print?

Many consumers find that these programs save them time and money since the card can be printed from home and the card can be formatted to have the exact look you want.

The same philosophy is applied to making certificates. You simply fill in the form and a certificate can be generated that is professional and customized.

When you stop and think about it there are a number of programs designed to allow you to develop a wide range of products that used to require an individual purchase for each customized order.

Apply that same principle to web design and you can see why web builder technology is so important to many business owners.

When a business owner sees how easy it is to customize a site the way they want it without the costs associated with a traditional web designer they wonder why they’ve never done this before.

Really this situation is a lot like the difference between printing a card from an existing program or contracting with someone to develop a new greeting card idea, create the artwork and professionally print the final idea.

Yeah, that doesn’t really make much sense, does it?

Neither does hiring a web designer to do something you can already do yourself. Unless you have significant cash lying around that you don’t know what to do with using a web designer may be a process whose time has come — and gone.

Many businesses that have used web builder technology are amazed at how quickly a site can be developed using this method. They are also pleased to see that the templates are easy to use and content is easy to import.

Some online businesses that use web builder technology are online the same day they make a decision to use this service.

Anytime a new product is developed there will be a contingent of naysayers who are adamant that the new product cannot be better that the status quo product.

For instance when consumers could print cards at home using their computer and printer who do you think felt this cheapened the time honored tradition of sending cards? That is until card companies learned to embrace the new technology and even take a step further into ecard distribution.

What I find interesting is that even traditional web designers are developing ways to allow you to update your own site without the need to ask them for assistance. That sounds like a great idea except the business owner is still paying similar fees when compared to the era when web designers also took care of every site change.

Does that seem fair?

Sure the technology of being able to self-direct a website has been adopted by traditional web designers, but generally the consumer does not realize a savings.



Garry Neville

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