Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

There is a lot of difference between web design and web development. However, this difference is simple and easy to understand. The basic difference between the two is that one is web designing is related to the overall appearance of the web page and web development is related to the programming functions working behind the web page. Web development companies hire state of the art programmers who have expertise on multiple platforms. A web development professional may charge a high price but it would provide a high level of quality as well.

Website designing is related to the construction of web pages. The interactive images, streaming videos and interactive page layouts are all a part of the web designing procedure. In addition to that, web designing is mostly related to the usage of designing tools and not programming. On the other hand, website development is related to coding structures and programming statements. These statements include various instructions which are given to the applications working on the website pages.

You can hire a website development professional to develop a website for your company. A fact is that website development is harder task as compared to its designing. On the other hand, designing is a much more creative task as well. A lot of interactive applications are available to design the most professional web pages. However, programming statements need to be written manually in case of website development.

The success of a website depends on both web design and its correct development. If the website is designed interactively, it may catch the initial attention of users. However, if the website is not supported by a powerful web development platform, the number of users would decrease gradually. When you are hiring a web development professional, you need to specify the web designing and web development platforms.

This is very important. If the right platforms are not specified, the web programmer may use one according to his suitability. This may increase compatibility issues for the customer. For instance, he may want to connect the site with an application designed on a different platform. Thus, this would create compatibility problems.

Make sure you have only the form fields needed:

People are still sheepish about what information they put out on the web. There are too many information-harvesting sites around and you don’t need to come off suspect. So, the way to get all the info you need without asking for a lot of contact info. In other words, you need to ask for information that is only relative to what you are giving away. For example, if it is only a newsletter or a podcast then why are you asking for a phone number and home address, complete with a birth date etc. You see what we mean?

Have a reward landing page:

Make sure you are enticing your readership with a place to sign up for beneficial content. Drip content into their e mails by giving them tips and tricks in short-form blog style e mails and then after a campaign or two hit them with a link that goes to another page for a reward for loyalty. Free reports that offer them even more free information. Lastly, on that page you have a link, which leads them to the final landing page to purchase related products that will provide all the benefits you were talking about in the free reports. This is a common page development scheme that works. You are providing compelling copy and also benefiting the customers before you ever ask them to sign up or purchase. This has been a tried and true way of marketing from a landing page that has made people real money.

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